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Ghalib Al-Hakkak, agrégé d'arabe,
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Welcome! Whether you learn Arabic on your own or in a class, please leave your comments as this can be useful for other students. Feedback is important as this helps grow the site.

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This is a very useful site. My Arabic teacher suggested that I can do more homework with it as I study French too. But I discovered the English part of the site and that was a happy surprise for me. There is lesss things than in the French part, but still give so many things to discover or do: Arabic texts, videos, recordings, etc. I even go to the Arabic Media page to look on titles of main Arabic newspapers. I also like to do some exercises with Quizlet. I hope that more pages will soon be available for colloquial Arabic. With my teacher we have read some funny stories of Juha. Let's hope that an English version of the vocabulary of these stories will soon appear on this site. — M S (India)

Despite some mistakes in English translation, the two books I discovered on this site are really practical and much more useful than many I had bought beafore. They are simple and easy to use. I have no teacher with me but I know that I have progressed as I have Arabic neighbours and it is so nice to use some expressions and words, that I have learned here, with them. — R S (Netherlands)